Acoustic Showcase & Open Mic at The Railway Alsager

Apr 04, 2016

From this week, the Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic at The Railway Inn, Alsager will now be held every Wednesday!

Hosted by Dan (our senior sound engineer) and Pete Wilson, the nights are open to anyone who plays and acoustic instrument and/ or sings. You can play a short solo set, invite Dan and Pete to play as your very own Rent-A-Band on percussion, guitar/Piano or you can jam along with the other musicians.

With a laid back atmosphere and some top-quality players these events are great not only for more acomlpshed performers wishing to try out new material, but also for those who may be new to performing in front of an audience;  with Pete and Dan to help guide them and put them at ease.

Maybe you don’t play an instrument, but if you like good music, good beer and a great atmosphere then come along to listen in!

Previously held every fortnight, the Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic has proved very popular so they are now being run every week.

Join in on Wednesdays from 8pm!

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic

Acoustic Showcase / Open Mic

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