CD / DVD Production

When producing copies of your DVD or CD it’s important you get what you actually need in terms of quality, quantity and whether they should be duplicated or replicated. We will advise on which is best for you. We offer CD duplication Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Wales and the rest of the UK.
Many people are not sure of the difference between duplication and replication. Here’s a quick guide.
Duplication is a process carried out here in the studios which, using copiers designed specifically for the process, takes your Master CD and copies it to a number of others. This process can provide you with any number of copies from one to a thousand. However, it is best suited to very low numbers of copies, say less than 300. This is a quick process and for low volumes can often be completed the same day.
Replication is an entirely different process and your Master CD is used to create a “Glass Master” which is then “pressed” in a pressing plant. This is a very specialised process and is used when you want volumes of several hundred right though to tens of thousands. It does however take two or three weeks to get the finished product but is much cheaper for large quantities.
So, if you know you only need a few copies and you need them quickly, then duplication is probably the way to go but for larger volumes replication is the best and most cost effective option. Either way, we are more than happy to advise on the best and most cost effective option for you.