At Orchard Studios, Recording Studio Crewe,  we know that a great recording starts with a great performance and that’s why we’ve designed and built a studio that allows every performer the space and comfort needed to relax and perform to their best. A relaxing environment helps bring out the best in us all.

With 3 recording areas as well as a spacious control room we are able to accommodate most projects and set-ups from a single vocal though small orchestras, string sections and brass ensembles – even the world’s largest collection of American Hand Bells! We also carry out location recording if required.


Due to our staff having a wealth of experience in many aspects of the recording industry we will easily integrate with session musicians and professional artists and we’re always happy to guide those who may be new to professional recording studio; bringing out the best performance in every case.

We record to both Pro Tools and Logic Pro though an analogue desk with a large array of pre-amps including Focusrite, TL Audio and Grace Designs and have an extensive microphone collection including models from AKG, Neumann, Shure, Se and others.

Our three live rooms have different acoustic properties allowing for a great deal of creative flexibility as well as the opportunity for multi-instrument recording which is both economical and allows, bands in particular, the reassurance of recording together if so wished.

Orchard Studios offers a wealth of services and, you are more than welcome to visit the studios and discuss your particular project. We’re always keen on showing off our studios so give us a call and come and have a look around. There really is no obligation!