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Opened 18 years ago, Orchard Studios is a purpose-built recording and production complex set in the charming Cheshire countryside.  In 2018, as part of a complete redesign and build, we created 3 new studios, accommodating additional equipment and exciting recording spaces.

Studio One’s control room houses our 72-Channel Custom + SSL 4000 E Series console. The live room benefits from inspiring acoustics- Lively, yet controllable, which is a joy for performers and allows for a depth of texture in recordings.  Our Feedback on this has been outstanding!

Flooded with natural light, Studio Three has been designed as a mix room and features a 24-Channel Audient ASP8024 console, with monitoring through Genelec and Tannoy speakers. Along with carefully selected pieces of outboard equipment and a copy feel, this is the ideal room to lock yourself away in to concentrate on a production.

All our mix rooms have access to our highly flexible Echo Chamber that offers a combination of tailorable reverb sounds for unique soundscapes.