Team Building

Team Building

Orchard Studios provides some of the best and most effective team building events available in the country and they may not be what you think!

Song Challenge

Orchard Studios will guide your team through the process of creating a broadcast-ready single from scratch, all in just one day, building confidence and team spirit and allowing participants to unleash their creativity, whether they knew they had any or not!

This challenge transforms your team, bringing individual talents together in a fun, collaborative and immensely satisfying way.  Take 10(or so) people – Although you may not know it yet, some of them will be able to play or sing competently, a good few can hold a tune, while others are good with words, have an eye for design or are handy with a camera.  It doesn’t take long to realise that within your team are all the ingredients to write and record a sing!

Radio Challenge

The clock ticks to the top of the hour and as the red light clicks o9n, the microphones go live and the studio transforms into a fully functioning radio station, with your team running and presenting every aspect of the day’s broadcasting!  Each participant will experience the various roles found at a commercial radio station.: Presenter, Interviewer, Scriptwriter, Voiceover Artist, News Reader and more…So many things to do!

With constant advice, guidance and encouragement from industry professionals, who have a passion for broadcasting, participants will work together, learn much more about each other and interact under pressure, creating a unique experience for every member of your team!

News & Weather Presenter

So, presenting the news or weather is easy, isn’t it? Creating and then presenting it is great fun, but not as easy as you might5 think.  We offer the opportunity to experience it for yourselves in our fabulous studios.

It can be a serious news bulletin or a humorous one. Either way, you’ll need to prepare it and then present it as a radio or (if you’re feeling brave) an optional television broadcast.

With the bulletin in front of you, you’ll need to be calm, cool and confident as the mic goes live and the cameras roll.

This is an experience that you can share with up to 9 other people, You’ll each have copes of the film or audio and it is up to you to decide whose is best… or worst!

Look out BBC here they come!